Las Vegas journalist Pj Perez has spent the better part of his continuous 18 years in Sin City embedding himself in and around the creative culture of this surprisingly diverse city. He's been a performing and recording musician, a record label owner, a publisher, publicist, music producer, graphic designer, web maven, poet, playwright, actor and most prominently, contributing writer to a number of publications, including Scope Magazine, CityLife, Las Vegas Mercury, Las Vegas Weekly, Art + Living, Rolling Stone and more.

Perez was managing editor of the now-defunct Racket magazine and launched the Vegas industry blog He plays drums in alt-metal band As Yet Unbroken and continues to write for magazines such as Six Degrees and HRH.

From 2005 to 2008, he maintained a regularly-updated blog at this LiveJournal address. After almost 1,000 entries, the shop has been closed. You can now follow his exploits at, or if you're a LiveJournal user, add pjperezonline   to your friends list.